Runaway Jade is a hot new band stepping out on the edge with a fresh sound of their own. These four young powerhouse's joined forces to combine the screaming guitars of Slash and Aerosmith, the soulful R&B grooves of Beyonce, and the energy and attitude of No Doubt and still keep their feet firmly planted in Country Music. Without a doubt this band is a force to be reckoned with. Please read our band bios to find out more about Runaway Jade. Check our site often for updates on performance dates, new music, and fan club news.

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  • Brooke

    Lead Singer

    Favorite food:
    Mama's Chicken and Noodle's, tomato/mayo salad and peach cobbler

    Favorite Movie:
    Right now...Hangover I and II. Could change any moment ;)

    Favorite thing to do when I'm not singing:
    Driving to Missouri to get my hair done. I change the color every 4 weeks, whether it needs it or not ;)I also really enjoy being the Best Aunt I can be to my niece's and nephew's. They are my true loves! They all make my heart melt!

    My Favorite Quote:
    "Kill them with Kindness" Growing up, my Mom would tell me that almost every day!

    Something about me, that people wouldn't know:
    I watch the Kardashian's religiously! Is it ok to say those two words in the same sentence? LOL!

    My Influences:
    Personal- My Mom= AMAZING!!!

    Tanya Tucker, Whitney Houston, The Judds, Boys II Men, Pink, Katy Perry, Adele, Nelly. I love all kinds of music! "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize" Bob Dylan

    Something Interesting about my Family or me:
    My brother is a walking, talking reality show! In one building he can build a motorcycle, give a tattoo, fix a dent in a car and paint a car or anything else you might need :-0He also can run a snow mobile in the middle of summer on grass. If there is anything you jack up to make taller, he's done it! I come from a long line of Rednecks. :)

    Other talents:
    I can dip myself! Really, I can! Wanna see? ;)

  • Kyle

    Electric Guitar/vocals

    What is your favorite food?
    Chicken fingers with ranch

    What is your favorite movie?
    Saving Private Ryan

    What is your favorite thing to do when you aren't playing music?
    exploring new places

    What's your favorite Quote?
    "music is my mistress and she plays second fiddle to none" -- Slash

    Something about yourself that people don't know?
    Went to Catholic school for a decade

    Who are your influences?
    Guns & Roses, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Kings of Leon, Black Keys

    Anything interesting about you or your family?
    We come from a long line of cotton farmers... And we're genetically-engineered to have fantastic hair

    Do you have any other talents?
    I will destroy you in Call of Duty



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May 16
Nashville Tn
May 20
3rd and Lindsley
Nashville Tn
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2013 May
Runaway Jade Website Launches
The official website for Runaway Jade Launches in May 2013. The site includes band bios, tour schedule, video and audio clips, and an online store. Join our Fan Club today!  
2013 May
Tour and Concert Schedule Posted
Runaway Jade has been hard at work in the studio, recording new singles and getting ready for tour dates around the country. Check back regularly to see when they will be performing near you.
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